Week in Wrestling - Episode Thirteen

Lots of big news and swerves as we feel the fallout from both NXT TakeOver: Chicago and WWE Backlash this past weekend. We run through each card and what the future holds for many different superstars. What will happen between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa as we saw the popular tag team disintegrate. Jinder Mahal shocks the WWE Universe by becoming WWE Champion. Is this good or bad for the blue brand?

Week in Wrestling - Episode Twelve

Each roster still feels the effects of the “SuperStar Shake-Up” while some wrestlers get pushes and many more are left directionless. Was this the best thing for the brands in the long run? With Jinder Mahal’s push in full swing, is he really believable as a guy that can capture the WWE Championship? With Braun Strowman out of action, will the big man be able to make a meaningful comeback?

Week in Wrestling - Episode Ten

WrestleMania 33 is in the history books as we discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of “The Ultimate Thrill Ride.” New champions have been crowned, leaving more questions than answers. The Undertaker may have had his final ride at WrestleMania, falling to Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins finally lays claim to the moniker “The King Slayer” and The Hardy Boyz finally return at the SuperBowl of pro wrestling.

Week in Wrestling - Episode Nine

WrestleMania weekend has finally arrived!! The guys run down the card for the 33rd annual WrestleMania with their predictions and potential plans for the biggest event in pro wrestling.  The Goldbery/Lesnar feud finally comes to a head as we see if Brock Lesnar can finally overcome the odds. Will Roman Reigns defeat Undertaker at WrestleMania or will The Deadman add Reigns to the list of victims? Also, can we see an appearance by the The Hardy Boyz? 

Week In Wrestling - Episode Eight

With WWE FastLane just around the corner, the Road to WrestleMania shapes up for the RAW brand. The guys make their picks for the card, find out if Goldberg has a chance to walk out as WWE Universal Champion and will Charlotte reclaim her championship.  Randy Orton finally finds revenge on Bray Wyatt, setting the tone for the WWE Championship match, but where does that leave AJ Styles?

Week in Wrestling - Episode Seven

The guys share their opinions on the fallout of Elimination Chamber. Naomi finally captures the Women's Championship, but an injury will keep her sidelined with potential of missing WrestleMania. With the Road to WrestleMania looming, a plague of injuries may be on the horizon yet again. Bray Wyatt reigns supreme in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber, but what does this mean for the Wyatt Family?

Week in Wrestling - Episode Six

The 2017 Royal Rumble is in the books and we run down the card of winners and losers. Randy Orton claims the title of winner of the 2017 Royal Rumble Match! What does this mean for Orton and the Wyatt Family? John Cena reclaims the WWE Championship, setting up a a collision course with Orton at WrestleMania! Bobby Roode becomes the new NXT champion at TakeOver: San Antonio, defeating Nakamura. 

Week in Wrestling - Episode Five

The annual 30-man Royal Rumble is Sunday, officially kicking off the Road to WrestleMania! What will happen when Brock Lesnar, Bill Goldberg and The Undertaker are all in the ring vying for a shot at the championship? AJ Styles defends his title against John Cena seeing if he can successfully defeat Cena again. Will Kevin Owens continuing his reign as WWE Universal Champion, or will Roman Reigns reclaim his throne?

Your Week in Wrestling - Episode Two

As WWE Roadblock is on the horizon both Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens continue to have their issues. Will Roadblock be the end of the line for the “best friends”?  The New Day are officially record holders surpassing the iconic tag team, Demolition. Two new number one contenders have been named on SmackDown Live! but will any of them really walk away with a championship?

Your Week in Wrestling - Episode One

Dee, Casey and Luke reform their faction after years of absence to bring you the latest in weekly pro wrestling. This episode they run down WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs giving their opinions on the winners and losers of the event. They discuss the fallout from both RAW and Smackdown Live! andgive their thoughts on where the WWE product goes heading toward the road to WrestleMania!