Episode 23 - The Sega Ataribox

Atari is back in the console market with the Ataribox?! We speculate on what that could mean. Also, Sega is putting five of their classic games on mobile devices with Sega Forever. Plus, NBC is broadcasting eSports! All of this and much more!

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Episode 19 - Overwatch Cash Scam

We've crunched the numbers, and there aren't enough hours in the day to get all the skins that Blizzard spent tons of resources and man hours to create by playing the game alone -- You'll have to reach into your wallet! >_<

Overwatch turns 1 year old, and say goodbye to all the 'free' content! Despite being known for all of their free updates with characters, maps, game modes, and balancing -- The cash hungry fiends at Blizzard are now requiring us to spend money to acquire all the cosmetic content which we're ENTITLED. 

Be sure to sign our petition to have Blizzard give away their new skins for FREE.

SuperGen Podcast Ep7 - Big Dawgz

We're Early! Between the Xbox Gamepass, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and a whole slew of 'Nindies' the SuperGen Crew just couldn't wait to talk about this weeks big news. First impressions run wild, the Ghost Recon Beta sells the crew, and everyone wonders why downloadable games on the Wii were never called 'Windies' on this action packed episode.

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