Was There Too Much Hype Surrounding "Alien: Covenant"? Initial Thoughts

There are only a few franchises that exist that are able to make me truly excited to the theater and “Alien” is in that category. Being a long time “Alien” fan there is no greater excitement than watching a new chapter of this franchise unfold on the big screen. One of the biggest selling points of the film was having the great Ridley Scott back behind the camera, say what you will about Prometheus, but I loved that movie when it came out and I still find myself watching it again and again. As well as a stacked cast, this film is set up to be a sure fire hit, but was it? Let's break this down and find out what works and what doesn't.

I want to start by saying that this film, all though disappointing is not a bad movie, the acting is very strong and all of our key players play their roles very well, when bad things were happening they sold the fear very well. Standouts in the acting department easily go to Danny McBride and Michael Fassbender. McBride was a very relatable character who showed genuine charisma and care throughout the film, this is definitely a different avenue for McBride considering he is best known for his comedic roles and he has proven that he definitely has more of a future in the horror genre. Michael Fassbender, what more is there to say about this man and his acting ability, the man is a literal genius in how he plays two roles in this film. He is truly magic when he is on screen and easily has two of the best scenes in the entire film where he steals the show.

On the technical side of things, I can honestly say that the film is beautiful in the way it is shot and put together, Ridley Scott is a true visionary and knows what to do when he is behind the camera. The work done especially in the spectacle shots are a thing of beauty, and deserve to be recognized. Alongside the beautiful set design and locations the movie truly shines and pulls you into believing that this planet could and does exist out there somewhere.

Not everything is sunshine and roses for “Alien: Covenant.” The film suffers from some very off putting and pretty questionable story choices involving our title characters/creatures. As a long time “Alien” fan, there are choices made throughout the film that really contradict and twist pervious alien lore. These changes wouldn’t be such a big deal if they were not such big parts to the film as a whole. Not only that, but the film relies on CGI very heavily, which produce some of the worst looking Aliens that have ever been brought to the big screen. For a franchise that has been so successful in the progression of practical effects, nearly all of that goes out the window in favor of poorly animated CG effects. This was truly a disappointment for me, not to mention a bit of an eye sore.

All and all, “Alien: Covenant” is a flawed film that had the potential to be something truly great, but a few odd story choices, horrible CGI and some inconsistencies on pervious Aliens lore all hold this film back from reaching that potential. Overall, I still enjoyed parts of “Alien: Covenant” and am still on board for the two sequels they have planned for the film. I just hope that like the first film the writers and director learn from their mistakes and improve on them.

Final Verdict: C+