The PopCulture Addicts Podcast - Episode 5

Disney finally releases a full length trailer for the live action reboot of Beauty and the Beast, giving Tony and Luke quite the nostalgia kick. Nintendo releases the NES Classic Edition in short supply, much to the dismay of many hardcore fans. As WWE Survivor Series approaches, the rematch between Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg looms on the horizon. Rumors flood the internet about Disney purchasing Netflix, leaving the question of whether that famous mouse will be making his way to the streaming service. Tony remains in the hot seat as he is quizzed on "What About Bob?" as we see if he really does know everything about Bill Murray.

The PopCulture Addicts Podcast - Episode 4

Luke and Tony discuss the newly announced American Werewolf in London remake that is be helmed by none other than Max Landis. Quentin Tarantino still says he will be retiring after directing his tenth film and Stranger Things Season 2 gets a familiar face added to its cast. We discuss Star Wars: Rogue One's opening crawl dilemma and Johnny Depp being added to the Fantastic Beast's franchise. Tony tests his luck with the Movie of the Week quiz when we share our thoughts on the Tom Hanks classic, Big.

The PopCulture Addicts Podcast - Episode 3

Join us this week to discuss all the latest pop-culture happenings in movies and gaming. Infinite Warfare drops this week ensuring a weekend full of unproductivity and kill streaks. Marvel’s Doctor Strange hits theaters as well as Hacksaw Ridge, begging the questions who will dethrone Madea at the box office this weekend. We also find out Tim Miller’s next project after leaving the Deadpool sequel and discuss the new trailer for “Life.” Tony is back in the hot seat for this edition of “Movie of the Week Quiz” when we test his knowledge of Stephen King’s It.

The PopCulture Addicts Podcast - Episode 2

Luke and Tony discuss Walking Dead fallout as we find out which member of the group has a date with Lucille. The Assassin’s Creed trailer was released online, but will it just be grouped in with every other video game movie flop? Donald Glover has been confirmed as Lando in the new Han Solo spinoff. Tony faces off in Mortal Kombat as he tries to get out of the hot seat in this edition of “Movie of the Week” quizdown.

The PopCulture Addicts Podcast - Episode 1

This week Luke and Tony discuss TNA closing their doors, Stranger Things Season 2 and the upcoming season of the Walking Dead! A familiar face returns to WWE, Disney keeps pumping out live action films and we decide if DC can catch up to Marvel in the cinematic universe in this weeks HIT or MISS segment. We give our thought on this weeks box office numbers and if Ben Affleck’s, The Accountant will be able to outlast Jack Reacher. Tony sits in the hot seat for this weeks “Movie of the Week” quiz on The Sandlot!