By Admission Only – Happy Halloween, Michael

David Gordon Green’s “Halloween” has arrived in theaters and has received a generally positive response compared to the rest of the franchise. We sit down to discuss our thoughts, critiques and vent on our thoughts as the credits rolled. While it is pretty much a certainty that we will see the masked stalker back in another sequel the question becomes, where do we go from here?

By Admission Only – This Is God

Throughout the past decades of horror films we’ve seen many horror icons created into pop culture icons. Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers have solidified themselves on top of a “Slasher Mount Rushmore” of sorts. That fourth spot becomes more subjective and we are here to discuss it and if we will see another capable slasher posse or if Hollywood is dead set on remaking and rebooting the old gang for a new audience.

By Admission Only – See Anything You Like?

When John Carpenter created a simple story of an escaped mental patient stalking babysitters on Halloween night, no one knew the twists and odd turns this franchise would take. As we inch closer to the newest incarnation of Halloween hitting theaters, we take a look at the Halloween universe as a whole. The ones we have to remember, the ones we’re told to forget and of course, the ones we wish we could forget. Take a listen as we dive into the franchise with our Halloween retrospective!

By Admission Only – “John Carpenter’s Halloween” Commentary

The horror genre has gone through cycles of subgenres since the beginning of cinema. One of the most popular subgenres in horror are the “slasher” films that have produced horror icons from Jason Vorhees to Leatherface. Whether you prefer a machete, chainsaw or just a good ol’ butcher knife, everyone has a favorite masked psycho killer. Whatever your choice there is no denying that there is one film that started it all, “John Carpenter’s Halloween”. One of the most successful independent films of all time, no one knew it would redefine a genre. Watch along with us as we discuss one of the greatest horror films that was ever released on the big screen.

By Admission Only – God Damn Sexual Tyrannosaurus

When you think movie monsters the likes of The Wolfman, Dracula or Frankenstein come to mind. That definition was redefined in 1987 with the action classic “Predator”. Audiences expected another Schwarzenegger helmed action skeptical, and while that’s what they got, the film added a sense of horror and suspense with great storytelling. One filmed spawned a rich history of lore, but in later films directors and writers had trouble recapturing that magic. We discuss the trilogy of films and the newest addition into the franchise “The Predator”.

By Admission Only - At Least Twice a Day

There are great actors and great directors and throughout the history of cinema we’ve seen some great actor/director pairings. Directors can take the untapped potential of an actor and bring it to a performance like many others can’t, but when is enough, enough? Sometimes great pairings turn into disasters when audiences are subjected to the same performances over and over. With the potential to find that untapped potential comes the possibility of complacency and paint by numbers performances. We discuss some of the most current actor/director pairings and other budding pairs for years to come.

By Admission Only – So Long, Turkeys!

What do you get when you take one Jason Statham, add a giant prehistoric shark and some CGI? The return of the giant shark movie to the box office. We’ve seen “The Meg” and we give our spoiler free thoughts, as well as take a look at the entire franchise that started it all, “Jaws”. For better or worse we talk about all four shark attack films and where it all went wrong, from a masterpiece of a film to one of the most unwatchable sequels in cinema history.

By Admission Only – Hasta Lasagna, Don’t Get Any On Ya.

Lots of sequels to many hit films have made their way to the theaters this summer, but many criticisms are they just don’t live up to the originals. That stigma has followed sequels for decades and more often than not, lives up to its unfortunate stigma. The “Mission Impossible” franchise seems to be an outlier and as its sixth installment hits theaters it has proved it is only getting better with time. Join us as we discuss what makes both a good and bad sequel as run through the “Mission Impossible” franchise.

By Admission Only – How Big Did You Get?

Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” was one of the biggest releases to kick off the summer. With such a juggernaut of a release in the MCU, how do you even follow it up? There is only one answer, Paul Rudd and his humorous quips as Scott Lang. While not a sequel, it is the newest installment in the MCU and delivers a more grounded universe for Marvel fans to clean their pallets.

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By Admission Only - What About My Dynamite?

With all the summer blockbusters looming, we’ll be treated some very good movies, but some very bad movies. One of the strongest movies to get traction in 2018 was Wes Anderson’s newest film, “Isle of Dogs”. Cinematically beautiful as usual, Anderson tackles a different culture and some political issues as well. This week we discuss his filmography, how we were introduced to Wes Anderson and how influential his style has become in cinema.

By Admission Only – You’re Not Welcome!

We discuss some of the latest independent and small budget films that have hit theaters in the recent months. With so many big budget films out in theaters, we talk about how sometimes you need to find that balance between big and small budget to appreciate both types of films. With “Lady Bird” getting stellar reviews we give our thoughts on both the positives and negatives the film offers.

By Admission Only – No Hablas Ingles, Remember?

With the release of Blade Runner 2049 in theaters, director Denis Villeneuve is quickly gaining recognition for his unique film style. We take a look at his American filmography and discuss what makes Villeneuve one of out favorite directors from the most recent years. From the independent film “Enemy” to the big budget film “Arrival” learn what makes Denis Villeneuve a director you have to keep an eye on!

By Admission Only – “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Commentary

Join us for a special episode as we commemorate the late Tobe Hooper as we provide commentary for his most iconic work, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. We discuss Leatherface, the Sawyer family, remakes and prequels and our first impressions of the film. Stream the movie or pop in the blu-ray and watch Leatherface terrorize a group of kids for an hour and a half.

By Admission Only – Hiya Georgie

Stephen King’s “It” still claims the number one spot at the box office, making milestone’s for the horror genre. With the underwhelming performance from other Stephen King adaptations like “The Dark Tower” there was much concern over the killer clown of Derry being remade for the big screen. We discuss our thoughts on the cast, director, part two and the potential for a part three.

By Admission Only – Apes…Together… Strong

Matt Reeves takes us on another journey in the “Apes” universe, this time with Woody Harrelson and Steve Zahn joining the cast. We take a look at the two previous films and the film that started the franchise in 1968, “Planet of the Apes”. We shine the spotlight on John Chambers, the man who did the make-up in the original incarnation and how that set the path for a franchise.

By Admission Only – Three Minutes of Play Time

Hollywood takes another crack at the Spider-Man franchise with “Spider-Man: Homecoming” this time with Sony and Marvel teaming up. We take a look at past incarnations of Peter Parker, some being very good, others being down right terrible. Find out where each one rates in this weeks episode.

By Admission Only – Whose Car We Gonna Take?

Edgar Wright’s “Baby Driver” is killing at the box office, so we are discussing some of our favorite heist films. From Mark Wahlberg trying to steal gold from Edward Norton, to Jon Hamm trying to catch Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner pulling off bank robberies in Charlestown, we discuss all in between. Also, we give out thoughts on the original 1991 film, “Point Break”.

By Admission Only – One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall

The Autobots and Decepticons are back in theaters with the fifth installment of the Transformers franchise. We rundown all four films and give our thoughts on “Transformers: The Last Knight”. We also discuss the 1986 film, “The Transformers: The Movie” and why Peter Cullen is such an amazing voice actor.

By Admission Only – Did Someone Order the Fish?

“47 Meters Down” hits theaters this weekend and of course, shark movies have a certain negative stigma attached to them. We talk about a few shark movies that break the mold and some that fall into that familiar territory of so bad they are hard to watch. We also talk about the great John Williams and how the score of a film can add so much to a film.