A film about the backstory about the Great Wall of China, a fist fight between two schoolteachers and a cryptic spa movie were all released this weekend. What could all these movies possibly have in common? Underwhelming performances at the box office. While audiences weren’t exactly clamoring for any of these films, it is surprising to see films headlined with Matt Damon, Charlie Day and Ice Cube not garner more at the box office this weekend.

The LEGO Batman Movie still claims its #1 spot for the second weekend in a row bringing $34 million back to the Batman franchise. It is no surprise with the highly rated reviews and a PG rating, this film is on track to do big numbers for the weeks to come. With LEGO Batman’s performance thus far, there is no doubt writers are in a room right now throwing out ideas for a sequel.

Fifty Shades Darker brought in a $21 million this week, keeping it a contender and reclaiming its #2 spot from last week. Couples were catching up on missed Valentine’s dates and girls nights out are ensuring the Fifty Shades franchise keeps its strong performance.

Finally, a new release breaks the top three this week, The Great Wall debuts at #3 with $18.1 million, which can be assumed is only because of Matt Damon on the marquee for this film. With Damon’s last two films being Jason Bourne and The Martian, both giant successes, it was baffling to see the name actor headline a film with a plot that seems like it was thought of by an eighth grade science fiction fan.

John Wick: Chapter 2 continues to kick butt at the box office, garnering a strong $16.1 million for the weekend. The sequel has already made its budget back and with diehard action fans going back to see what John Wick does with “a fucking pencil” you can guarantee a third installment is in the works.

Rounding out the top five for the week, Fist Fight debuted with a disappointing $12 million for its weekend opening.  With a seemingly stacked comedic cast, Charlie Day, Ice Cube, Jillian Bell, Kumail Nanjiani and Tracy Morgan were unable to help this R-rated flick.

With underwhelming performances this week, it is almost a certainty to expect it this weekend as well. The new horror movie from BlumHouse, Get Out debuts this weekend. Also hitting the box office this week Collide and Rock Dog.